passing gaze through mundane reflection excitement in my steps exuberance in the beats same locale but renewed joy difference of state, stronger rhetoric ailing angles ready to you can’t for mindspace i have seeked.. … (: Advertisements

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royal throwback :P

1 innate with many Painting our lives sunny Started formally Now elegantly uncanny Through the chores of our daily Light moments of dilly dally World, to you our tales make no sense But our love grows with resonance  With moments of menace and tense Strengthening our feelings’ fence In warmth of respect, we take credence  […]

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untitled benaras..

Varanasi (Benaras) a mystical bohemia. I have visited this city from time to critical junctures! Every time the memories have been vivid. One in common trait is how the city evolves at one level & at the same time preserves the timeless rituals from times immemorial.

This time too the abundance factor was reinstated. Abundance of cattle, dharamshalas, lanes and by lanes, foreign nationals, ghats, eateries & ofcourse the sadhus. The city holds a vivid picture of the concrete jungle trying to overpower the traditional & arcade structures everywhere. The ghats which used to invite with serenity now invite with commodities and rush. Where time used to standstill, now everyone is in a rush to get somewhere, move onto the next thing, the next tourist, the next boat ride, the next family to offer last rites. This has it’s own fiasco element for a traveler visiting to unwind & with no agenda to tick off!

But I miss a lot more then I can cherish from this trip. Walking down memory lane I recall seeing erudite pandits(scholars) reciting Vedas and Upanishads. The ghats used to be the epicentre for pehelwans (wrestlers/strong men) who would workout from morning to dusk. Touts would speak in a concoction of bengali & bihari to attract you to their boats, stores, for guided tours, etc. Locals used to perform surya namaskar (sun salutation) half submerged in the ganga with the sunrise. All these are are so vivid and crisp in my mind that a sense of melancholy carves a niche.

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Time: around 1800Hrs…… “no the trekking season is over…its very dangerous to go into the jungle at this time…kutch bhi ho sakta hai aur hum zeemedari nahi uthayenge. Agle ek ghante mein city ke liye convoy hai….you boys can ride back with them to the city…..better luck next time……agle saal try karlena”. Disappointed we looked […]

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Auli, i will be back!

shooshhh as the air breaks press there’s the intense hustle to board the locomotive! as we were getting cozy, the polished tc walks in to warmly seat us by the window. the warm breakfast makes it’s way to the eager travelers and it’s a delight to munch into it after last night’s dinner! a bit […]

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